WeBid – open source auction script

WeBid is an open source auction script package that is designed for the online auction services. It is written in well-liked PHP language which adds the extra dimension to it. The PHP language also enables this script to have a whole lot of extra powerful features. If you wish to set up an auction based website, then it is highly recommended to choose the WeBid script. Its user friendly options enable it to be an extremely efficient script.

Generally building a website takes days and months of hard work. WeBid is such a smartly prepared open source script that it enables you to create your auction based web page within minutes. It has an extremely user responsive installation procedure plus the control panel of the script is very trouble-free to use. Although WeBid is a beta staged open source script package yet it is the best in the business.

It is simply much ahead of most of its other competitors and is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of getting an auction site started. The huge variety of customizable options elevates WeBid from the other available auction script packages (open source) in the market.

Chief features of WeBid that makes it a hot pick:

  1. It has an extremely user friendly administration panel
  2. Easy, non hesitant installation process
  3. Helps you to build up your auction sites within a few minutes
  4. Intelligently embedded payment system that allows all the users to make payments in a secured way
  5. It also comes with PayPal or Authorize.Net options.
  6. Receive Support absolutely free of charges From Communities

You can get free support from a network of communities regarding different issues. You will be getting Install/Upgrade Support, General Support, Theme Support, Multilingual queries, Mod helps and other WeBid related supports. You will also have completely separate discussion area for the help and support of Mods. All the Linguistic problems, Modifications, Requests and theme support related queries would be discussed there.

If you need any support on the programming section, it has its separate section for that too. All the PHP language supports, JavaScript support and HTML, CSS supports will be provided by the communities under this head. You will also be getting a general chat support and trading supports too.

Entry to WeBid Free Documentation

If you are bewildered by a difficulty or you just cannot locate the source of the problem that is causing your works to halt. You can have a free view of our documentation which would help you out to solve every issue serious issues of yours. You will be receiving support on every possible administrative section.

Buy Professional Assistance Services

If your problem still persists, you may hire a professional service from our specialists only. You will just have to post your problem along with the information in the “Buy/Sell board” section of the community forum. Within a very short span, you would duly receive the proper support.

Thus if you sincerely wish to build up an auction site of your own, it is recommended to use the WeBid. The above listed benefits and supports, proves the effectiveness of it.

Download : WeBid auction script

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