webpraca – Open source job board

webpraca is an open source job board based on Ruby on rails platform that mainly focus on providing a way to quickly and easily host a niche job board. user can easily add and view job offers and requests from the IT industry. Effectively recruit employees with us, freelancers.


Features of Webpraca

  • adding offers (without undue registration.you’ll get an e-mail with a special link through which you can edit or delete your bid)
  • the possibility of online applications (users will have a special form to send an application online on sale)
  • different types of bids (order, time, volunteering, internship)
  • publication of tenders for the services mikroblogowych (blip.pl, flaker.pl, pinger.pl, spinacz.pl)
  • contact with the client through a special form to avoid Spam
  • online application in the offer (with the possibility of sending CVs)
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