WebProof – collaborative proof reading made Simple

Webproof is an online application which is used for collaborative proof reading on the web. It is a communication platform which provides you with the opportunity for interaction with providers and clients within a very powerful environment. It enables you to get approval quickly, share ideas and request editions.


The Webproof is an amazing power application which is capable of proofing and managing projects on the internet. The are various kinds of services which are provided by Webproof. These services include seasonal greetings, micro sites, print materials, email marketing and ongoing consultancy. There is also a new corporate site.

Features of Web Proof Application

  1. Webproof supports Sticky Notes. There are multi stickers and you need to just add one comment. Similar changes can be marked in many places. Every Sticky Note has a unique ID on all the versions of the page. The ID’s of the sticky notes make it easy and quick for referencing another sticky note.
  2. Text highlighting is an important feature of webproof. You can highlight a text for replacement without having to use Acrobat. The original text is copied automatically onto a new sticky note for purposes of editing. You do not need to retype the entire thing and make more mistakes. You will get the functions for text highlighting in all kinds of languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Greek.
  3. Freehand drawing is one of the special features of Webproof. Just as in the case of Adobe Photoshop, you could very easily customize a mask within an area for a very precise add on comment.
  4. When you use the webproof application, you can rotate pages when you need to read each and every text area of the page. All the Sticky Notes which are visible will remain on the right side. You could also use the text highlighting application on the text which is rotated.
  5. If you need to mark an object, a large area or an image on a page, then you can use the webproof application to do so. You could use the box drawing tool for this purpose. By using a box drawing tool it is very fast and easy to draw around the area that you mean and also make comments within a Sticky Note which points to this area.
  6. The handwritten, old fashioned proof marks can now be generated electronically with the webproof application. You could do so by using the twenty four different kinds of proof marks or by combining the highlight text function. You can generate the proof marks very fast. There will also not be a problem in understanding what is meant as opposed to the handwritten, old fashioned proof marks.
  7. You can automatically translate any text, it is a PDF document or a comment, from and to as many as fifty three languages. This is a very good feature particularly if you have to do brochures or catalogues in various languages.

Download : WebProof

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