WEBRA 3.0 Content Management System

A complete web based solution is provided by the administrative interface named as the WEBRA 3.0 CMS.

The only thing that is required by the system administrator is a browser that allows him to log in at anytime and from anywhere. The interface provided by this solution is very user-friendly and intuitive.

WEBRA 3.0 Content Management System

This interface is pretty similar to the renowned office suites (OpenOffice.org or Microsoft Office), and the clients of the e-mail.

It takes a very short span of time to know the administrative interface of WEBRA as almost each and every user of WEBRA is quite familiar to the packages of office program.

The knowledge that they have acquired using the office programs can be successfully implemented by them in WEBRA and the software always behaves in the way it is expected to perform.

Extremely large and huge databases are effectively handled by WEBRA as it is an innovative content management system which increases the processing speed to a high degree.

Micro as well as macro-institutions or enterprises are thoroughly benefitted in their respective field of polity or education through the use of this solution strategy.

WEBRA provides its integration with almost each and every kind of hardware and software environments. Web servers as well as database management system finds easy compatibility with WEBRA.

No new licenses or software’s are needed here. The various issues that are discussed regarding the Technology are the system’s high adaptability, availability and inner buildup.

WEBRA provides an easy way of searching each and every document by entering them into the search engine.

Tag cloud Module provides the Search Engine Optimization, adequate and ample styles (H1, H2…), the several guidelines (WAI) that are always provided regarding the ways to access the site during the building of portals and through the other various technologies offered by WEBRA.

There is a hierarchical display of all the contents in the website of WEBRA. The way of displaying is similar to the way in which the folders are displayed in Windows. A single click converts a folder to a menu.

The structure of the menu that appears on the website can be stated: you are free to select ladder-menu, simple menu, or dropdown menu. As a replacement of menu names images can be used too.

The entire menu of WEBRA is displayed on a clickable and hierarchical sitemap. All the changes (menu name modifying, new menus, etc.) will be displayed after tracking them immediately.

In order to get the content of item you are only required to click on the names of the menu in the Sitemap. The interface of administration is also very secured and protected.

Features of WEBRA 3.0

  1. Multiple domains can be managed on an interface that has only one single administrative.
  2. Provision of multi-language for the content management.
  3. Automatic image thumbnail generation and video conversion, media library.
  4. Document management and friendly content.
  5. User Friendly URLs, search engine, SEO services.
  6. Forum
  7. Instant search
  8. Multilingual portal and administrative interface.
  9. Multilevel user Access and permission management
  10. Article editing, embedding links, images, documents, videos.
  11. Easy to Copy-Paste from Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without modifying styles and formatting.
  12. Easy to create menu structure (Folders)
  13. Easy to customize site layout by using structure editor.
  14. Trash Folder

WEBRA 3.0 is a Content Management System that is great use and its unique feature is the processing speed. The interface of WEBRA 3.0 is also very intuitive and user-friendly.

It is also highly secured and due to all these reasons businesses are largely using this solution strategy.

Download : Webra 3.0 content management system

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