Webreader- Desktop client for Google reader

Webreader is a multi-functional desktop client for the Google reader that helps in managing and sorting out the subscriptions like RSS Feeds. The desktop application notifies the user whenever anything new appears.


Webreader is a multi-functional and full-featured application that acts as a desktop client for the Google reader. It helps in sorting and organizing the subscriptions like RSS feeds and keeps them segregated in different folders so that to make them easily accessible in the future.

The application alerts the users whenever any new item appears on the screen. Using this application, users can easily subscribe to any Blog, website, Atom or RSS feed of their choice and get instant notifications. While the desktop application keeps all the segregated subscriptions in various folders, it also makes sure to find them instantly as the users search them.

Users can find these subscriptions by starred items, folders, subscriptions or tags. By simply double clicking on the application, the users can instantly send and share their subscriptions or stories via Twitter, Facebook or by simply e-mailing. You can customize the look and feel of the application by changing it accordingly. If the text appears too small to read, as a user you can easily increase the size and read it. You can also view the subscriptions within three modes-Titles, Summary and Full.

Features of Webreader

  1. Easy to handle Desktop client- WebReader is an easy to handle multi-functional and full-featured desktop client for Google reader.
  2. Easy to organize and manage subscriptions- The desktop application makes it easy to sort, manage and organize subscriptions like Atom and RSS feed and helps in keeping them segregated in multiple folders.
  3. Easy subscription to any Blog, site, atom or RSS feed- The application enables the users to get subscribed instantly in any blog, site, atom and RSS feed and receive the latest news stories.
  4. Smart searching- Users of this desktop application can easily sort and search their desired items by simply browsing through the subscriptions. Users can also search the starred items and tagged items by directly searching them accordingly.
  5. Instant notifications- Users are instantly notified as and when anything new appears on the desktop.
  6. Easy sharing- Users can share the feeds, contents and news stories via using social networking sites like twitter or Facebook or by mailing them directly by simply double clicking on the application.
  7. Easy to customize- Users of Web Reader can easily customize the displaying options within three viewing modes- Summary, Titles and full. While for instant and quick viewing the users can switch to title and summary, full mode will show the entire content of the subscription.
  8. Adjustable font sizes for better visibility- If you are unable to read the content of your subscription, you can increase or adjust the font size for clear and better visibility.

The desktop application is a one of its kind application that manages the entire subscription from various sites and blogs and enables easy sharing too. The USP of this application is its functionality and simplicity which helps it to earn more marks than its contemporaries.

Download : Google Reader Desktop Client WebReader

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