5 Best Website Monitoring Tools to Monitor Website Performance


As a webmaster, you know the importance of Uptime and Downtime. Downtimes occur due to many different reasons such as server problems, Spike in web traffic, or high load on the server causing high CPU Uses, etc. So as a webmaster, you cannot monitor your website manually 24-7.

But there are many website monitoring tools available on the web that allows users to monitor their website performance, the current status of their websites, and overall uptime and downtime statistics of website and web applications.

Best Website Monitoring Tools

1 Pingdom

Best Website Monitoring Tools

Pingdom is a free website performance monitoring tool that lets you monitor the website or any other web-based services uptime, downtime, and performance of server and network from multiple locations globally.

so that it can distinguish genuine downtime from routing and access problems and alerts you when your server goes down or any error face by your server.


2 Down for everyone or just me?

Down for everyone or just me

Yet another free website downtime and uptime monitoring web application to check if a website is really down worldwide or user’s a computer or network are just not opening it.

The site has a very simple user interface just like Google.com. Is it open with a plain screen with the question: Is ______ down for everyone or just me?

Users fill in the blank with the site they wish to check and click the link (the “or just me” portion of the question).

down for everyone or just me

3 Site24x7

Site24x7 - Best Website Monitoring Tools

Site24x7 offers both free and premium website monitoring, web application monitoring, service, and server monitoring web apps from ZOHO Corp.

it monitors all your websites remotely and sends instant email/SMS alerts if your website becomes unavailable. it provides support for HTTP(S), FTP(S), DNS, PING, TCP, SSL, SMTP, POP, etc.

Features :

  1. Website uptime monitoring
  2. Server Monitoring
  3. Website Performance monitoring
  4. Global monitoring Network
  5. Monitor web application
  6. Receive Instant Email
  7. Receive Instant Email
  8. Alert and notifications
  9. Monitor DNS Servers
  10. Mail Server Monitoring
  11. SLA Management
  12. Website Monitoring Reports


4 Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot - Best Website Monitoring Tools

Uptime Robot monitors your website every 5 minutes to ensure there are no access problems.

it has a completely Ajaxed based User interface where users can monitor websites, viewing stats or logs and setting up the details.

it’s an easy and efficient way to monitor the uptime of your websites. it allows users to monitor as many as fifty websites at a time and receive instant SMS, RSS, Twitter, and email alerts when a site is showing as offline.

Uptime Robot

5 CodeGuard – Website Backup & monitoring tools

CodeGuard -  Best Website Monitoring Tools

CodeGuard is an automatic website backup solution via Software as a Service and C.G. C.G. continuously monitors your websites and makes sure that it is safe.

If C.G. finds any performance changes on your site, it will automatically take a new backup and also notify you via email. It also allows you to restore your website/database to a previous version.


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