WeBWorK – free Perl-based online homework system for math and sciences courses

WeBWorK is an open-source Perl-based online homework system for generating and delivering homework problems to students. Both NSF as well as the MAA support the WeBWorK and solve more than 20,000 of homework problems via  National Problem Library (NPL).

it was specially designed to target most lower division undergraduate math courses and some advanced courses. Courses that are taught included discrete mathematics, college algebra, statistics and probability, multivariable as well as single calculus, linear algebra, complex analysis and differential equations.

From the latest research it has been found that almost more then 240 colleges and universities are using WeBWorK that is varying from mere small teaching institutions to large research institutes.

Mathematicians have been using WeBWorK since 1994 through development and maintenance. Thus, this WeBWorK satisfies the goal of mathematical community with the provision of most flexible, robust, and the most capable online system for homework is possible.

Nothing is charged from institutions or departments in case if they have the intention of hosting their server that belongs to them. WeBWorK community provides pedagogical and technical aid through friendly and active forums of discussion along-with the provision of mailing lists.

Additionally, the MAA will host WeBWorK courses on a limited basis for departments or institutions who are not in a position to host their own WeBWorK installation. It uses Apache with mod_perl, MySQL, LaTeX, dvipng, the GD graphics library, and several CPAN modules. WeBWorK is being used on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, and will run on any UNIX-like system that supports its dependencies.

Features of WeBWorK

  1. Mathematics problems with tremendous advancements can be displayed, printed and authored with specific typeset quality. Common standard problems given in homework that are solved by WeBWorK include differential equations, vector calculus and calculus courses.
    The Rochester library is provided by WeBWorK that effectively solves around 2500 problems or even more covering first year calculus, vector calculus, pre-calculus, differential equations, statistics and probability. Professors are can entitled to write even their own set of problems and it is permitted to distribute to be used among several colleges, high schools and universities that are related to the problems of their own library. Currently, WeBWorK is being used by 100 universities, high schools and colleges or even more.
  2. Each and every student is provided with different sets of problems by WeBWorK. This certainly increases the effectiveness of WeBWorK particularly in the field of learning and setting in groups since it enables the collaboration among student without copying.
    Each individual problem of each and every student is remembered by WeBWorK, and so all the problems are connected to WeBWorK, in-order to obtain an immediate feedback from it so as to test the validity of answers given by them, it is tried over and over again until and unless a definite solution is reached by logging out or by finding any solution, and then again it is reconnected to WeBWorK in-order to solve the problems of individual students. Any problem can be attempted by students as many times as they want until and unless a limitation is put on them by the instructor on the number maximum attempts that can be made.
  3. It has flexible mechanisms that handle all types numeric, symbolic, and string answers.
  4. Students can easily access WeBWorK interface from any computer connected to the internet, and instructors can use any computer and browser for management of the assignments.
  5. All pages of WeBWork have there own feedback button that directly send email message to there instructors.
  6. Instructors can send email to an entire class (of subset there of) reporting individual homework grades, exam grades etc.

Download : WeBWorK online homework system

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