Whiteboard HD – diagramming apps for iPad

Whiteboard HD is a unique productivity app for iPad that makes it easy to construct and consolidate your thoughts by converting them into notes or sketch able charts or both. Brainstorming sessions are also held in-order to form new ideas. Drawings can be added in a freeform manner just with movement of fingers and this also allows the addition or insertion of lines using a similar way.

Whiteboard HD diagramming apps for iPad

Several gestures are made for different drawings depending on the needs. It is permitted to import pictures and diagrams form the library of iPad photo collection. This feature also allows the addition of labels as well as text box of any size as and when required.

Brainstorming sessions should be held in groups and the several projects that are given to the students are most-suited tasks for Whiteboard. Your thoughts and views can be even shared externally through the extensive use of iPad VGA adapter. Once the session or class is over you can save all the important discussions in any form, bookmark it notes or be it images or it can even be diagrams. Email is the medium through which the copy of the discussed matter can be sent from place to another.

Features of Whiteboard HD

  1. Visualize Ideas – Brainstorming sessions can be recorded as well as diagrams can be sketched. Gesture are also used for drawing pictures.
  2. Board Sharing – Now-a-days Whiteboard HD can be easily edited as well as shared and can even be saved in your respective Photo Library beside its capability or usability to send photos.
  3. Easy File transfer – Images can be added easily in the form of objects on board. A suitable yet transparent background can be chosen for exporting boards. The color of the background can be either white or can be any other color but it should be soothing. Provide full Dropbox and Box.net support.
  4. External Display Support – Presentations can be delivered with the help of this Whiteboard through the explicit use of VGA adapter.
  5. Support Laser Pointer Mode – Presentations can now even be delivered in a clearer way due to the addition of this laser pointer mode that clarifies the external display.
  6. Interact with multiple objects – On board interaction has become easier due to the multiple objects. Multiple group objects can be deleted or moved together as a single unit. Whiteboards can be altered by copying, pasting or even moving multiple group objects together.
  7. Easy to share Board – Now-a-days Whiteboard HD can be easily edited as well as shared and can even be saved in your respective Photo Library beside its capability or usability to send photos.
  8. Interface Tweaks – The interaction with the external display has become far easier with the advent of Whiteboards.

There are several amazing features of Whiteboard with certain increased and new functionalities. With such advanced features it is on the verge of finding a new place in corporate world.

Download : Whiteboard HD

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