Wingram – Windows 8 App for Instagram

Wingram is an Instagram viewer for windows 8. it’s a simple windows 8 App for Instagram that offers you the latest updates from your Instagram feed while on the go.

Once you installed apps on your Windows 8 start screen, it shows you login box for Instagram Authentication you need to enter your user id and password to access your Instagram account from windows 8 desktop.

Wingram – Windows 8 App for Instagram

Wingram - Windows App for Instagram

Wingram uses the modern UI of Windows 8 to show your Instagram feed and images.

All your Instagram feeds and popular items will show on FrontPage of the app.

Right-click on any profile will select the profile and show you their images, followers, and following peoples.

Wingram App for Instagram 3

Wingram – Windows 8 App for Instagram

Wingram for Instagram

Users can also view and post comments, Messages, and likes on any pictures. Apart from this, Here are a few features offered by Wingram.

Features of Wingram – Windows 8 App for Instagram

  1. it shows you the personal and popular feeds
  2. Easy to View complete User profile, recent feeds, follower & following
  3. Post messages, comments & Likes on feeds
  4. Search your User
  5. Pin user profile on Windows Start Screen
  6. Share Instagram images (w/ link shortener)
  7. Save Instagram images on your PC
  8. Live Tile (Periodic update with latest 5 feeds)
  9. Badge update with lock screen notification (Periodic update)
  10. Easy to Follow/Unfollow Users from windows 8 desktop

The app is not free, but there is a 7 days trial available, but if you an avid Instagram user, the app is all worth it.

Download: WinGram Instagram for windows 8

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