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Pidoco is a real time collaborative online wireframing and GUI prototyping tool that used to enhance software projects as it saves time and lowers the options of rework. Picodo also helps to increase the profit margin of firms as it reduces the cost and augments usability.

wireframing and prototyping tools - Pidoco

Features of Pidoco

  1. Create clickable Wireframes – Pidoco can be used to create professional wireframes and interactive prototypes just a click away. The speed with which Pidoco helps you to work is amazing. You can collect feedback on your project and involve key stakeholders and also end users while you are working on user interface design. You can use Pidoco to create wireframes online in just a matter of minutes. You can use these wireframes in order to visualize your concepts and ideas as well as to channelize your requirements. The features offered by this service are easy to use and encompasses all that you will need. There is a large collection of UI library elements, simple drag and drop process to customize your template and a layer system that will help you to reuse the templates.
  2. Remote Usability testing -  You can use Pidoco for usability testing that will include screen sharing and recording live, VoIP or landline audio channel and downloading or playback highlight video. These features will help you to run remote usability tests without any hassle and help you validate concepts in an easier manner. This definitely makes your work less.
  3. Interactive prototypes – You can use Pidoco to turn your wireframe into clickable interactive prototype and impress others through it. The simulation of this process or the navigation takes very little time. The features offered to you are truly overwhelming with real navigation and interactivity and hand-drawn as well as classic modes. The best part is perhaps that this process does not require programming.
  4. Specification Export – Pidoco offers you specification export that will help you to improve prototypes iteratively with the help of feedbacks both from single users and teams. You can get things right even in the first attempt with the help of visual specs that includes one click spec export (RTF/DOC). Other features that will help you achieve specification export are HTML prototype export that just uses one click and annotations of page and elements.
  5. Productive Collaboration – Productive collaboration is another attribute offered by Pidoco. This helps you to share your interactive prototypes for sharing online. You can get valuable feedbacks from this and include your entire project team to view and edit efficiently. The key features of this aspect are project sharing that will include online review and discussion and collaborative editing.
  6. User Friendliness – Perhaps the most user friendly characteristic of Pidoco is its flexibility and easy to use structure. You will have no worries about download, installation, system capability and most of all security even if you are working in your web browser. It works on Mac, windows and Linux and does not require any download of installation of software. It also offers you industry standard security. Pidoco is a most convenient tool for you to use to enhance your software projects. However, it is advisable that you exercise caution while using Pidoco because you may experience some problems with scalability.
  7. Real-time collaboration – It’s an web based platform that allow you and you team members to work in real-time on the same prototypes. You and your team can log on to the same project and work on it simultaneously. Changes done by other collaborators can be carried out and viewed immediately.

Homepage – https://pidoco.com/en

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