wolf CMS PHP based open source CMS

wolf CMS – yet another simple PHP based open source content management system that offer easy to use, simple user interface and flexible templating system for each and every pages and also provide simple user and permissions management as well as important tools which necessary for file management.

wolf CMS - PHP based open source CMS

Wolf CMS is written in PHP5 and support for multiple databases such as MySQL , SQLite 3 with PDO and also use Apache web server with mod_rewrite. it uses PHP directly, so there is no need to learn any other scripting language to manage Wolf CMS. it was specially designed for web developers, web designers and others who have at least some PHP skills. Basically Wolf CMS is a fork of frog CMS, which was itself a PHP migration of the Ruby-on-Rails app, Radiant CMS.

Features of wolf CMS

  1. Unlimited hierarchically structured page navigation menu
  2. Simple Drag and Drop page ordering
  3. Flexible page content
  4. Lightweight
  5. per page layout customization
  6. Simple and Reusable content snippets
  7. Password protected administration
  8. Simple user and permission management
  9. File manager allow you to upload, browse and edit files.
  10. PHP-based, easily extended CMS
  11. Free and open source project released under GNU general public license.

Download : Wolf CMS

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