Wondergraphs – Visual business analytics & smart reports

Wondergraphs is a Web based platform that allow you to visually analyze your data and create reports that you can easily share with your customers.


Quick examination of syndicated or openly accessible information, composing charts for publicizing requirements grow up to be more fun. Devices of wondergraphs help you to post new information as part of your report in a convenient manner.

And add with it a graphical representation through a video display. With the help of drag-and-drop option you can select assemble your necessary data and forming graphs becomes enthralling.

Wondergraphs have come like a forum that displays determining programs & forming assignments and making it accessible among the associates & consumers.

  • Admirable interior charts & simple formation of assignments.
  • Functions smoothly corresponds web utility & system software.
  • Manifesto of business acumen & integration.

Wondergraphs is the perfect one for you in case of software and web functions. Amateur & experienced reviewer finds it simple & speedy way to do their assignments.

The originators gain it to be a provider rejuvenating the data according to their well in an accomplished way.

Features of Wondergraphs

  1. Report Creators : Report creating options helps you to build charts and block representation, as soon as you insert the data add as many graphs you desire. Graph editing tools are present. Demonstrate the reports with colors or can simply use graded colors of wondergraphs. You can easily create reports and send them to Microsoft power point as you want.
  2. Chart Editor : Select graph models then insert the data, place them correctly filtrate it make it visible representation of charts. It focuses to make the graphical representation easy. The primary tools can render you with different functions like, agglomeration, calculation and many more summation devices.
  3. Spreadsheets : One can insert data via Microsoft Excel by copy/paste, via Google program systems even from CSV documents. Hit here and check the examples to see how data given by you is formulated.
  4. Databases : Wondergraphs binds to business-standard systems such as Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Assistance from IT expert, users can transfer data via your system within few minutes or 15. Communicate with us to show your interest to add up wondergraphs with your system.
  5. Online Functions : One can insert information directly through Google program sheets. It’s coming up with collection of more tools to render all that you want.

Wondergraph is a software that has access to web world even. Transferring of data or any sort of assignment over different software happens at your click.

Determination and examining data becomes an easy one and the reports are made more complete by providing graphs. And the selection of graphs comes with varied choices.

All in all it is a favorable system if you looking for formulating data and assignments along with graphs. That’s not all wondergraphs assures to come up with more features.

Download : Wondergraphs

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