Woosabi – web based CRM for teams who want to get organized

Woosabi is an easy to operate multi-functional CRM application that keeps the business organized using real-time CRM tools. The application can also be customized according to the choice of the user.

Woosabi web based crm

Woosabi is a very dynamic application that manages the business so that the users get the freedom to relax on CRM related issues.

The application is designed to monitor the critical processes of business like bulk emailing clients, sending newsletters, tracking quotes, creating invoices, integrating with the accountant, etc.

It gives a real-time picture of your business schedule and provides solutions for information overload.

It enables the users to change views quickly so that they can see what is coming up, completed tasks and what the team members have to do, etc.

It reacts on the automatic alerts when the business aims need attention. The ‘Note’ system of Woosabi allows the user and his/her team members to review, share, and schedule the critical processes of the business.

The note can be kept hidden by the users too. These notes can be used to share and keep a backup of work files in formats like Excel, PowerPoint, MP3, word, JPEG, etc.

Simply upload them and access them whenever needed. The users, along with their fellow members, can share in a discussion by adding random comments on each other’s notes.

These notes are displayed and defined as a meeting, job, phone call, new inquiry, meeting, received, or sent message notes or miscellaneous notes.

The application also works as a personal assistant to the user. As the user defines the application how s/he wants to run the business and his goals, measures, etc.

Woosabi takes the input, monitors the CRM, and informs the user periodically about what actions are needed to be taken and by whom. These measures are taken according to the general business rules.

The notifications are sent to the users when there are completed tasks without an invoice, unsent invoices, unpaid invoices, periodical meeting schedules, periodical phone calls, periodical marketing, No-sale days, birthday reminders, etc.

If you need to put something on the application and you do not have computer access, for the time being, you can simply text the message and send it to Woosabi, where it creates and saves in Quicknote.

The next time you log-in to your computer, you will get notification and reminder from Quicknotes.

Features of Woosabi

  1. Brilliantly managing CRM- The application, Woosabi, brilliantly manages the CRM part of the business and keeps the user tension-free.
  2. Keeps a track of all the business objectives- Woosabi keeps a track of all the business objectives set by the user and notifies periodically about what actions need to be taken and by whom.
  3. Tracks invoices- The application keeps a track of invoices, sends invoices, and informs the user about unpaid, incomplete, and not sent invoices.
  4. Social CRM with social networking sites- The CRM application joins directly with social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and enables sharing and publishing notes by the user and his/her fellow team members.

The application, Woosabi, acts as a personal manager to any small business group or enterprise and takes the CRM responsibility entirely.

Download: Woosabi

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