WorkFlowy – A better way to organize your brain

WorkFlowy is an organizational tool, which lets you organize your schedules, work timings and everything that you may have it in brain. It features the assortment of any one or detail schedule in the application rather than storing it into your brain.


The WorkFlowy application is useful to keep track of your thoughts, notes and anything in your brain. You can use it to organize projects through the different features provided here and can take notes during classes. You can embed and store in it information taught in classes and meetings and can store research papers or any other important files you want to use.

it is a simple to use tool which you can use anytime for any work base schedule. There is lot of features and application benefits, which lets you handle anything under the roof. It is a tool for listing your work and information in an organized way to let you use it whenever needed. WorkFLowy does not have any specific guidelines or rules to follow.

It is a blank page with assortment of tables or lines where you can categorize your information or the way you need to fill it out accordingly. You can then use this information the way you want it and also order and edit the information when in case of any changes to be made. The blank space lets you make lists and outlines of the different information or schedules and use it in an effective manner.

The WorkFlowy provides you a myriad of keyboard shortcuts that will help you in organizing the information and schedules with ease. You can expand, group or even categorize the items and information tags to prepare it according to your way. You can even mark them whichever necessary to help you prioritize out the necessary requirements.

You can also cross out finished schedules or ease out information no longer need for you. With all these features to choose from, you can benefit a lot by storing information in the application for further use. You can even include your shopping list and to do list for your goals to be fulfilled. Apart from that, in comparison with the other software tools that help you out in organizing this tool are much efficient because with the help of this definite feature, it will actually motivate to work it out. With this application, you can in short ‘organize your brain’.

Features of WorkFlowy

  1. Space: the application gives you just blank page sorts and you can do organizing files, and documents according to the way you want it to be.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts: you can manage the files and application with an assortment of keyboard shortcuts provided by this feature.

Download : WorkFlowy

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