WYMeditor – web-based standards compliant XHTML editor

WYMeditor is a web based standards compliant XHTML WYSIWYM editor (What You See Is What You Mean) that generates perfectly structured XHTML strict code, to conform to the W3C XHTML specifications. The Editor allow developer to concentrate on the structure and the content of the document, not on the visual layout of the document.

wymeditor xhtml editor

WYMeditor is very easy to integrate into any Content Management System (CMS).

With WYMeditor, the code can’t be contaminated by visual information’s like font styles and weights, borders, colors, … The end-user defines content meaning, which will determine its aspect by the use of style sheets. The result is easy and quick maintenance of information.

As the code is compliant to W3C specifications, you can for example process it using a XSLT (at the client or the server side), giving you a wide range of applications.

Features of WYMeditor:

  1. XHTML strict + CSS compliant
  2. No font or text formatting, sizes or colors – WYMeditor is CSS-based
  3. Designed to be easy to integrate into your application
  4. No installation needed – this is 100% Javascript code – no plugin, no extension
  5. Will remain as simple as possible
  6. We focus on well-tested code, stability and usability before adding new features
  7. Image, link, table support
  8. Skins support via CSS
  9. Internationalization
  10. APIs, plugins support
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