Xinod Board – PHP/MySQL/AJAX driven discussion board

Xinod Board stands for Xinod Is Not Only a Discussion Board. Xinod Board is a free PHP based discussion board script that uses MySQL database backend for database solution and currently being re-written in CakePHP framework.

it has dual-layer support templates and dual-layer multi-language system. The discussion board script also incorporates some AJAX to give dynamic look . The dual-layer templates system of Xinod Board is look very similar to Simple Machines Forum system, where a designer can easily design the template based on the default template. It will automatically render the default template if a particular new template file isn’t available.

By having dual-layer language support, the discussion board script will use the default language (English) if the new ones are not found. it will use and overwrites the default language by the language a user has chosen. So it’s a combined language array.

Download :

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