XMLNuke – XML based development framework to create Web Applications

XMLNuke is an open source web development framework for developing websites and web applications based on XML/XSLT transformations. it doesn’t required any database backend because all final output is done in XML and then it converts the XML into  the appropriate format – HTML, RSS, Excel, etc.. All so simple.

xmlnuke - development framework and site cms

it also provide several classes for abstract the use of XML and XSLT manipulation and the environment of Web application. developer can also uses PHP5 or CSharp/Mono to build applications with XMLNuke. The main engine is working and supports internationalization, multiple sites, page caching for improved performance, classes for custom modules, and much more.

XMLNuke is also work as content manager for websites, where user can manipulates all the information through XML documents. These documents stored in their native format, are transformed through XSLT instructions and then displayed to the user, who may then view the information in any web browser.

Features of XMLNuke

  1. It creates an abstraction layer where developer concerned only with the code. The developer needs not to worry about how the result will be presented, but how to produce the information.
  2. Prescind various elements such as database, security (with multiple roles), file system, etc.. All the elements are dealt with only within the framework.
  3. Provide Native support for internationalization, multiple sites, templates (based on XSL)
  4. Security based on profiles and through integrated single sign-on
  5. Text file cache automatic or manual
  6. Supports multiple sites with one engine built in
  7. Support for Internalization
  8. Easy to access any data source (DB, Text, CSV, XML, etc.) using the same way
  9. Easy to modify the templates of XMLNuke and customize it according to your needs
  10. Create your own objects with your own XML templates
  11. Tested and approved on several platforms: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
  12. Works with two programming languages: C# (.NET and Mono), PHP5 (Linux or Windows)

Download : http://sourceforge.net/projects/xmlnuke/

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