Xuheki Webmail – open source Browser based Ajaxed email client


Xuheki Webmail is an open-source Browser-based Ajaxed email client that specially designed to become your preferred email client. It completely looks like a desktop application and supports multiple IMAP servers and multiple sender identities.

Xuheki Webmail - open source Browser based Ajaxed email client

It specially designed for the IMAP based server, so it doesn’t support any POP3, nor other protocols but It uses the Net::IMAP:: Client Perl module as the IMAP engine & built with DynarchLIB Ajax Toolkit.

Features of Xuheki Webmail :

  1. Basic address book and auto-completion of addresses in composer.
  2. It supports basic IMAP SEARCH/SORT and THREAD operations (can filter the list to display “related messages”).
  3. supports multiple users on the same installation.
  4. You can print multiple messages at once. Just select them in the summary grid and select “Print” from the context menu. Use common idioms to select multiple messages (i.e. CTRL+Click or SHIFT+Click).
  5. The summary view can list (tens of) thousands of messages and allows you to simply scroll through it. No need for next/previous page buttons. And it’s really fast.
  6. “Sub messages” (attached messages) are treated as messages in their own right. For instance, you can print an attached message, or you can reply to it, forward it, or even bounce it.
  7. it has a nice HTML editor for composing emails. The composer allows some more sophisticated functions—for example, you can drag a message to the composer in order to attach it, or you can drag an attachment to the editor in order to create a link to it. If it’s an image, it will be embedded in the document. When the final MIME is rendered, links to attachments will be properly processed so that any email client will be able to fetch the attachment when you’re clicking such a link.
  8. The interface is specially designed to allow you to do multiple things at once.
  9. It strives to provide excellent support for MIME—properly displays HTML email and embedded images, tries hard to properly decode a message (supports, hopefully, all encodings supported by Perl’s Encode module).
  10. Support for multiple folders and easy to create/remove folders from a convenient context menu.
  11. supports multiple IMAP servers and multiple sender identities.
  12. The interface is similar to a desktop-based email client and it’s completely “AJAX”—no page reloads.

Visit: Xuheki Webmail

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