Yendo – small business accounting software

Yendo is an online accounting software for small businesses and is provides great usability in the field of financial accounting. Various uses of Yendo include the managing expenses, invoices, purchases and payments.

Yendo small business accounting software

No previous information is available regarding Yendo. Yendo is a tool that provides great assistance in the field of account management. Almost all businesses are free to use this account due to its large scale of versatility.

Dashboard is provided to the user after immediately registered. This page contains effective in formations regarding purchases, sales, and many charts for purchases, debtors and sales, overdue invoices.

The link to advance for the first steps is provided by the link known as the Getting Started. This provides an easy way to use this app and the explanation for its usage is also given very clearly. All the steps are easily understood as they are menu-driven.

Templates can be created for invoicing by the users after they have set up their details of their bank accounts, staff members and contact lists. Reports for balance sheets, profit & loss, sales as well as purchases may be exported or printed either in the PDF or Excel format.

Google Apps as well as iPhone marks the availability for and it can be used in the mobile versions as well. All the users have to provide email address, company name, time zone, business location, last and first name, currency, contact email, password and username to join.

Features of Yendo – small business accounting software

  1. Manage and send Invoice Online : Invoices can be created easily and they can be even sent to all your customers via email so that they can save it as PDF. Even overdue invoices can be tracked.
  2. Report are created instantly : Real-time reports can be created as well as they can be exported to PDF & XLS format. It includes purchases, sales, balance sheet and profit & loss.
  3. Easy to access from anywhere : Yendo Accounts can be used from any place at any time be it tablet (iPad) or smartphone.
  4. Easy to share information with your accountant : Your accountant is free to access your account directly. Management reports can be generated after working together.
  5. Track and manage expense : The expenses for each and every staff member can be recorded. Expense reports can also be created in details.
  6. Track On time and payments Online :  Your customer’s payments can be recorded. By this measure you will get to know your customers pretty well.
  7. Accounting reports : Accounting reports are created in details along-with Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Trial Balance & Nominal Ledger.
  8. Templates for custom invoices : Invoice templates that are branded as well as customized can be created by you. Several branding as well as layouts is also created.
  9. Asset Register : Fixed assets are kept for the benefit of the company along-with the charge of depreciation on it that is calculated on the basis of months.

Yendo is software that provides account management comprehensively to small business owners. Due to its versatility all business can use this app irrespective of its size.

Download : Yendo financial accounting software

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