YippieMove – Email migration tool

YippieMove deals with the method of freeing your email. The concept of email came into being to the process of communication easier and faster.


If ever you have to face a situation where you need to free your email account, where you need to transfer all your emails from the old account to the new account, then it is really difficult to do.

But, YippieMove does this work with great ease. If you work with YippieMove, you will be able to transfer all your emails from one account to another with easily.

You are neither required to download anything nor is it required for you to just sit and transfer emails one after one.

You are just required to answer the simple questions asked by YippieMove and then you will see how your emails will fly from the old account to the new one.

With the use of YippieMove is guaranteed that none of your emails will be lost only you are required to pay an amount of $10 for creating an account for a service called the YippieMove and then all the essential task will be done by YippieMove itself.

Right now it is working with around 40 providers of educational e-mail and Web or with any number of accounts that efficiently supports IMAP.

Only the plug in is just required and all your old mails are transferred to the new one with great ease.

E-mail newbie’s are provided by YippieMove that enables the transfer of all the old emails to the new one at a great speed.

But the advanced users are smart enough to do the task of transferring all the emails by themselves one by one.

Currently YippieMove Email migration tool provide support only for IMAP protocol based Email services.

Features of YippieMove – Email migration tool

  1. Simplicity : It’s easy to use presets doesn’t required any Expert knowledge about Email. Selection can be made from AOL, Gmail or any other email providers that are pre-configured. All you need to know is your login details. If you only know the way to check emails you will certain know how to transfer mails using YippieMove.
  2. No need to Download any software : The speed with which the servers work is tremendously fast. With YippieMove all the transfers are completed with-in a few hours that might have taken weeks had you used broadband connection. Even your computer is not needed to be tied up.
  3. Easy to turn on Autopilot : The transferring of emails is done automatically. Auto-correction of emails is also an in-built feature of YippieMove. Emails are transferred automatically along-with- complete text, headers, and attachments.

The use of YippieMove has been the transferring mechanism of emails from the old account to the new one very easy. The speed of transfer is also done at a tremendous speed and so it is just a matter of hours to complete all the transfer all the emails.

Download : YippieMove

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