YoxView – jQuery plugin for image and video viewer


YoxView is a free, highly customizable image and video viewer (Lightbox) for websites written in JavaScript using jQuery and is also available as a jQuery plugin.

YoxView jQuery plugin

The plugin is a very easy to use and flexible, also support for displaying single-to-multiple images in the same page (great for blogs), image pre-caching, Multilingual and bidirectional, timed slideshows and keyboard support.

YoxView is inspired by Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox. Like it, YoxView displays content above the website’s content, as a separate layer. Here is same useful features offered by YoxView.

Features of YoxView

  1. Extremely easy to integrate.
  2. Fully configurable.
  3. Support for Video content – play YouTube/Vimeo/Hulu/etc.
  4. Images and videos are resized automatically to fit inside the browser’s window
  5. provide Plugins to display images from Flickr/Picasa.
  6. Image Pre-caching
  7. support for displaying single-to-multiple images in the same page
  8. Multilingual and bidirectional – tooltips and button names may be in any language
  9. Slideshow-enabled – play images automatically.
  10. Keyboard access
  11. Search engine friendly – large images are indexed
  12. Cross-browser – compatible with all major browsers.
  13. YoxView module plugin for wordpress and Drupal.

Download : YoxView jQuery Plugin

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