Yuuguu – Web conferencing and Desktop Screen sharing made Simple

Yuuguu is a screen sharing, Web conferencing and online meeting tool that allows you to create a visual conference session with your all important IM clients.

Yuuguu Web conferencing

The most significant fact being, there isn’t any such requirement of installing the application for your viewers.

The Yuuguu messaging application supports all the major Instant Messaging services like MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Google and Skype so that you have the ease of communicating with all your important contacts.

To start your session all you have to do is select your contact and then just provide him the secure code to initiate the screen sharing or Web conferencing process.

One setback for Yuuguu is that it does not support the option of File sharing. Thus you wont be able to share any files during the real time conversation procedure.

It is only the host who has to install the software and all his contacts can enjoy the services with the host. You can simultaneously chat with 29 members of your contact.

Features of Yuuguu

  1. Web viewer – The session participant can enjoy the web viewer without having to install or download anything. If you are a session participant you only would have to log in through your browser and thereafter you can enjoy the application in real period. You can utilize Yuuguu for conducting web conferences and also share different sales presentation or other presentations across clients. The most featured aspect of all is that via Yuuguu you wouldn’t have to wait for the long downloading hours as you do not have to download a byte for it.
  2. High pixilated images – Yuuguu provides a high vibrant display. The quality is superb and literally you would be able to feel the depth of the images. If you wish to impress your clients or viewers more, just switch to full color option. This option will use 256 million colors to unleash a high definition standard of image viewing.
  3. Viewers join instantaneously – Unlike the other similar applications with which you will have to wait for long sessions to view the other side, Yuuguu instantly allows you to see your receiver when he is on air. So you wont have to monotonously wait in front of the screen as within a flash you will be getting the real time picture.
  4. Network speed recognition – With Yuuguu, you will have the ability of monitoring the connection status of yours as well as all your viewers. The network speed detection system of Yuuguu is unique and you will be able to inform your viewers beforehand if they are facing a network disruption.
  5. Calendar integration – Yuuguu has an incorporated calendar application with it. You will be able to fix your schedules and then accordingly you will be able to share it with your viewers. Just create your desired event and send it to your contacts.

Yuuguu is filled with advanced features which will allow you to enhance your communication aspect in your organization. It is comparatively cost effective and is surely a must try app.

Download : Yuuguu

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