Zeeyoo – Smart meeting scheduler for business

Zeeyoo which is an online application created to ensure effective arrangement of meetings, in terms of confined and business conditions. The software is work as virtual “Exchange server" across companies, calendars, and time zones.

zeeyoo meeting scheduler

Zeeyoo will help you with:

  1. instant 3 step accessory to setup a meeting poll.
  2. A perfect overview about the answers of your invited participants.
  3. An absolute alert and assignment ensuring method.
  4. A smooth idea to alter meeting chapter and verses of all your contributors.
  5. bulletin and Google map application.

Other features that it provides are if you are looking for a period and a day for a meeting with a hoard of professionals

  1. you dislike the in and out emailing/calling to finalize a span for collaboration.
  2. you are loaded with diverse meetings and assignments to accommodate.
  3. you are facing hurdles in managing teleconfs, webconfs and videoconfs over time zones.
  4. you are in hunt for a straight and simple tools to employ as an additional to your calendar tool. And it involves something more, as an associate, as soon as you have planted this setting, you’ll be blessed with the advancement of calendar management.
  5. begin a appointing appeal straightly from your Mac.
  6. appointments and events in iCal are habitually displayed with your Zeeyoo calendar.
  7. assured and speculative programs are accordingly stored in iCal- manages your address book tied with Zeeyoo.

Zeeyoo is made to integrate your events in a smooth manner. Because of its simple and evident mechanism, appointments are formed, maintained, advocated in a small procedure without employing any computer combination.

The users can regularly view the present form of his appeal. The participants are allowed to upload files that can be achieved by rest of the members. Every term, normally an office employee allocates five hours for fixing meetings.

Zeeyoo aims to curtail the time consuming factors. Our web-grounded application intensively facilitates managing, in an extensive form because of its inter-relation between the Zeeyoo calendar and iCal, Outlook and Google calendars. Although in its primitive version, Zeeyoo has already gained eminence.

Zeeyoo has championed in introducing time zone instinctive scheduling. Conclusively, the difference in duration that instigates recklessness while deciding the meetings among the teams over phone or web is over.

Meetings are instantly registered in the calendar righteously in time zone, accustoms if the time zone is altered.

Features of Zeeyoo

  1. Scheduling make more effective : Earlier a meeting: employ standard accomplished scheduling appeal, a cockpit that displays rapid scheduling requests along with ascertained meetings; manages indefinite and assured meetings with personalized calendars.
  2. Compelling foremost meeting arrangement : Meetings duration, setting programs, creating pertinent projects providing earlier, admission of all correct information in a compendious manner.
  3. Follow Up : Thereafter the meeting: smooth entrance contributors’ contact details, chronicles of meeting duration and accompanying data, etc.

As far the details is being provided it is now crystal clear that it helps one to manage the several appointments with going through any kind of hazardous process.

Zeeyoo works effectively in case of maintain and scheduling day to day events and changes are spontaneously incorporated. The varied features of zeeyoo have gained lot of popularity.

Download : Zeeyoo

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