Zenoss Core – Open Source IT Management software

Zenoss Core is a Open Source IT Management software that quickly detects all the devices attached be it starting from operating systems to servers, and from applications to several processes running on it.

The features included in Zenoss core are deficient in many of the commercial products of similar type. The detection mechanism is explicit in Zenoss core and it automatically detects all devices attached and also enables a change in the configuration of the network.


The sub-net mask as well as the network-level is detected entirely in this technique. Alert messages can be generated in case if the underlying network tries to configure changes the support provided by Zenoss core in terms of device is limited compared to HP Open View.

Almost each and every aspect of a network is detected and revealed by Zenoss core. The status of a device can be tracked as well as its response can even be tracked by Zenoss core through the use of ICMP pings and SNMP. The TCP/IP services are also checked and regulated by Zenoss which includes HTTP or FTP or SMTP services.

It also tracks the platform on which it is being used. The operating system is constantly kept under its view and it also checks and counts the number of processes running on all the operating system under its control.

Zenoss core always informs you by alerting of the possible failure and the related problems attached to it that may befall at any time. It is assigned the task of monitoring and it always excels in the task of monitoring. The product also generates a messages by alerting incase the Zenoss core tends to crash or misbehave.

Global inventory is shown by Zenoss core as well as any change in the history of the network, details of the device, problems related to the network and also the availability of the network. Network graphs are provided by Zenoss core for a certain period of time. The performance of the server is also displayed by Zenoss core that can be effectively used for the purpose of capacity planning.

Features of Zenoss core

  1. Brilliant and easy to use interface.
  2. All the devices that are attached are automatically detected.
  3. Enterprise ready
  4. Functionality can be increased through the use of plug-in.
  5. The look of Zenoss core can be improved to a pretty vast extent due to the availability of several skins.
  6. Devices can be easily customized.
  7. All the in formations related to the device are easily available.
  8. A constant monitoring of the power supply as well as the temperature sensors is done.
  9. Importation as well as exportation of XML is possible.
  10. The quality of the underlying device can be improved either through network or software.
  11. The documentation provided by Zenoss core is extensive.

Zenoss core is a very powerful medium that enables the auto-detection of all the devices that are attached to it. The devices may include the operating system, servers as well as networks. The functionality available in Zenoss core is lacking in many other well-known services. So for all these reasons Zenoss core is largely in use now-a-days.

Download : Zenoss Core

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