Zephyr – on-demand Enterprise Test Management Platform

Zephyr is an innovative on-demand Enterprise Test Management tool with advanced technologies that make your access to data in order to take a critical decision easy. The data you view and access is based on informed quality intelligence.

Zephyr - test management platform

Zephyr understand that quality is not a result of the QA department, but everyone in the company who cares about a quality product; IT, engineering, support, product management, business analysts, etc. The test management platform of Zephyr will allow teams to intelligently link and integrate disparate tools together. The platform also allows teams to create optimized individual desktops for maximum productivity.

  • Zephyr has and global teams to work on the integrated tools. In this feature changes made by the user are collected in real time and are pushed back out to the desktop of the user to display the status of the project.
  • There is provision for intuitive customs reporting UI with which teams can completely customize their own reporting.
  • Teams can review project data of the past for trends, compare the current project data available and using these plan approximately for the next release using the management’s expectations in a proper manner.
  • Dynamic trend reports are available which enable to evaluate the data in every way possible.
  • Web services API’s allow the extension of core Zephyr platform and integrate it in many meaningful ways.
  • The Quality Intelligence team formed by the merger of test management and business intelligence team ensure more effective work and enhance the quality of their software.
  • Zephyr is based around the concept of desktop and dashboards.

Features of Zephyr

  1. You are able to manage all aspects of your team like their contact information, access, roles and assignments in one place.
  2. Each member of the team has a role and assignment with the help of which they get access to their personal Test desktop.
  3. It provides a visibility of department level to everybody in the project team and upper management via Department Dashboards.
  4. It provides automated and live Dashboards which keep the whole company aware of every aspect of product quality and aspect of testing.It provides automated and live Dashboards which keep the whole company aware of every aspect of product quality and aspect of testing.
  5. Every role in a software department is provided with a customized desktop with relevant application which will help them do their job faster.
  6. You can define the Repository structure for a specific Release or Sprint and reuse testcases from other projects or Releases with drag and drop capability.
  7. Project Dashboards display real time status updates from various activities like creation, execution, defects, and requirements in detailed drilled –down and out-of-the-box metrics.
  8. You can create and organize your test requirements along with mapping detailed test cases and linking to existing automation scripts in an optimized test case creation application.
  9. Zephyr uses the ZBot technology to provide interoperability with automation systems which is such an important part of testing.

Thus Zephyr is one of the best on demand Enterprise test management platform that can manage all aspects of the testing lifecycle, integrates various test tools and systems and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility.

Download : Zephyr – test management platform

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