Zotonic – Erlang based content management system

Zotonic is an Easy to Use, Open Source content management system based on Erlang functional programming language. It’s an highly extensible, flexible and has been built from the ground up with rich internet applications and web publishing in mind.


it also work as application framework, so it is very easy to extend and adapt for your specific use. The data model of Zotonic is very generic and can be though of to use only 2 database tables: one to store documents, called resources, and one to create connections between these resources. Furthermore, resources are classified in a category tree, so you can develop functionality (like different page controllers and templates) based on which category a resource belongs to.

Zotonic is a free and open source software released under the Open Source Apache2 license, which gives you the possibility to use it and modify it in every circumstance.

Features of Zotonic

  1. Solid programming language – Zotonic is programmed in Erlang, a language made for fast, non-stop, fault-tolerant applications. Ideal to build high load, never break websites in.
  2. Open source front-end stuff – Front-end stuff builds on jQuery and the CSS framework Atatonic.
  3. Flexible data model – Easy to define your own data categories and relations.
  4. Speed, typically 10 times (and much more) faster than PHP content management systems.
  5. Powerful template language based on Django.
  6. Complete separation of model, view and controller.
  7. Modular – Easy to extend and change existing functionality.
  8. easy to Push content to the browser with the built-in WebSockets and Comet support.
  9. Access control for groups of people working together on the content.
  10. Programmed in Erlang, data stored in PostgreSQL.
  11. Event driven web applications.
  12. create real dynamic websites
  13. Pluggable Access control
  14. Made by experienced people with deep understanding of CMS, web- and system design.
  15. Free and open source project release under the Apache License 2.

Download : Zotonic – Erlang based CMS

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