ZTreeWin – text-mode file manager for windows

ZTreeWin is a high-speed but flexible text-mode file manager built up for all Windows editions. The objective behind the creation of ZTreeWin is to offer to the world with the successor of the well known DOS file-manager XTreeGold.

ZTreeWin file manager for windows

People using the text manager can vouch for the outstanding program with its advanced capabilities as a medium of text, file-organizer with a tree format. However, there are few drawbacks in this superior system.

It has a limited memory storage capacity and lacks the required support for long file name. These flaws are the most sought after issues and work I sin progress to overcome these.

ZTreeWin is an indigenous Windows program supporting 32-bit as well as 64-bit that has been established to offer all the dominant operational skills of the earlier versions while sweeping out all the restrictions and drawbacks of the DOS manager.

ZTreeWin has been developed to enhance your texting abilities and is filled with a number of qualities and features that prove to be quite beneficial for you.

You are allowed to put up huge number of files and documents and the limitation is only with respect to memory space. Now, even long file names as well as directory names can be stored.

You can get the scope to integrate with some of the most famous third party file holders. There are two ZTreeWin versions i.e. v1for Windows 95, 98 and ME and v2 for XP, Vista, 2000, NT and 7 Windows.

There has been development in the ZTreeWin versions that include version 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.

Features of ZTreeWin

  1. It has been totally rewritten in the form of a fully Unicode- facilitated submission.
  2. There are added file holder support available in the version v2 with Free Arc and UHARC.
  3. The colour patterns and configurations have been enhanced too.
  4. There are facilities to detect logging error and you are provided with summary reports.
  5. You are provided with detailed statistical reports on system mechanism and log on data.
  6. ZTreeWin enhances history lists that help put up unlimited specified entries.
  7. There is an option for one way or mutual division harmonization.
  8. If you use wildcards like Tree spec and ctrl- Zlog then you can log up indices.
  9. With ZTreeWin you get reduced support for moderately logged sections.
  10. There have been changes and new additions to version 2 of ZTreeWin.
  11. It includes navigation to the objective in the present case link, EBCDIC Charset mode has been provided, .ZLOG files are now approved by Alt-ZLog task for loading purposes, new swap features which makes it possible to swap your left pane with right one, new option of autoscroll has been provided for screensaver disability.

Thus, if you are looking for an efficient text mode manager for developing your text organization and utility methods then you can go for ZTreeWin text manager. You can opt for a month trial before putting your bet on it.

Download : ZTreeWin

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