30 Best online collaboration software


Here is a 30 Best online collaboration software. some of them are free and open-source and some of them are proprietary software. 30+ most useful online collaboration software

1 AceProject

AceProject is a web-based collaborative oriented project management software that allows the organization to get organized by using a collaborative approach. Within AceProject, Each project has its own structure to configure it and also allow you to manage different types of projects as per your needs. – AceProject

2 Rule.fm cloud collaboration

Rule.fm is a cloud collaboration and project management software that allow the organization to improve their business productivity by using simple, all in one productivity suite. – Rule.fm

3 TeamLab

TeamLab is a free and open-source cloud-based platform for business collaboration and project management that improves your companies internal collaboration and communication. The software is written in Asp.net and released under the GNU GPLv3 license. – TeamLab

4 Glasscubes

Glasscubes is an online collaboration and project management software that allows you to organize your daily work, projects, information, people, and files secularly on the cloud. – Glasscubes

5 GroveSite

GroveSite is a web-based wiki-style collaborative workspace with robust project management functionality that provides flexible web pages, document libraries, discussion forums, team calendars, and contact directories for companies to collaborate and share documents with team members outside their firewall. – GroveSite

6 Huddle

Huddle is one of the best SharePoint alternatives for enterprise collaboration and content management tools in the cloud. With the help of a Huddle collaborative platform, users can easily and secularly manage or exchange multiple projects, files, and people inside and outside of your business. – Huddle

7 HyperOffice Collaboration Suite

HyperOffice is a single, easy to use Online Collaboration, project management, and messaging suite for small and mid-sized businesses. it also works as a “SharePoint alternative” and “Exchange alternative”. The collaboration suite includes more than 10 easy-to-use tools including email, document management and file storage, online calendars, intranet/extranet workspaces, online contact management, and project management tools. – HyperOffice

8 Liferay

Liferay is a free and open-source enterprise web platform for portals, WCMS, and for social collaboration. The software is written in Java and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. – Liferay

9 liquidplanner

Liquidplanner is an online collaboration and project management software for scheduling, collaboration, time tracking, file sharing, and reporting. it provides wiki-like pages and twitter style commenting systems to manage multiple projects and tasks. – Liquidplanner

10 Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project collaboration and management software that allows you to manage your project online with your clients, colleagues, and partners in a single, secure shared workspace. – Mavenlink

11 Pidoco

Pidoco is a cloud-based real-time collaborative GUI design software that helps you to create professional clickable wireframes and interactive prototypes. Users can instantly collect feedback on your GUI design to reduce rework and run usability tests with your colleagues and final user during the user interface design to speed up development and save cost. – Pidoco

12 Central Desktop

Central Desktop is a cloud-based social collaboration platform and project management tool for businesses. it allows the user to manage teams, projects, documents, tasks, and clients. – Central Desktop

13 Axigen

Axigen is an award-winning Linux based mail server and calendaring platform with groupware and collaboration functionality that give you all useful feature such as personal organizer, business messaging, antivirus, anti-spam or advanced security policies which you expect from any other Linux email server. it provides support for SMTP/ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, and webmail services and has an integrated mailing list. – Axigen

14 Basecamp

Basecamp is a Ruby on Rails framework based online project collaboration and management tool. it’s a perfect project collaboration tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and groups inside big organizations. – Basecamp

15 Binfire

Binfire is web-based project management, project collaboration, and content management system specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses working with remote teams. the software use work breakdown structure (WBS) methodology for project management and include hierarchical tasks to assign dependencies, Tag milestones for quick searching. – Binfire

16 Blogtronix

Blogtronix is an Enterprise Social media platform that specially designed to empower organizations and employees group collaboration and communication within an organization. the software contained groups, blogs, wiki, documents, multimedia, workflow, and many more. – Blogtronix

17 Box.net

Box.net is a simple, scalable, and affordable online file collaboration, file storage, and content management system for enterprises. it allows you to manage your documents, media, and all your content on the cloud. Share your files as links or sync them on the desktop. Easy to turn any folder into a shared workspace so you can easily share with your colleagues or clients and exchange your feedback online. – Box.net

18 Cadac Organice

Cadac Organice is a Microsoft SharePoint based collaboration and document management software for engineering companies. the software is very useful for project-oriented engineering industries to manage their project documents such as Office documents, email, and CAD drawings. – Cadac Organice

19 Cerebro

Cerebro is a project and assets management software with a unique toolset for collaboration on visual content such as multimedia files, videos, images, etc.. it was specially designed for multimedia industries like Design studios, TV production, and post productions companies, VFX houses, Advertising houses, etc.. – CerebroHQ

20 Jive Engage Platform

Jive Engage Platform is an enterprise social networking platform that allows the organization to engage their employees, customers and the social web that improve the efficiency of internal communication, build brand loyalty and monitor customer chart and their ideas all directly from one centralized platform. – jive engage platform

21 codeBeamer

CodeBeamer is a web-based collaborative application lifecycle management platform that helps software and hardware development teams to manage their processes from requirements to release.

it’s a java-based collaborative application that improves your productivity, visibility, and traceability and reduces your costs. – codeBeamer

22 Collaba

Collaba is communication and multimedia collaboration server specially developed to provide digital workspace for virtual educationalists, corporate, and other communities.


  1. Email
  2. Calendar
  3. Forums
  4. Multimedia Chat
  5. Blogs
  6. Wiki
  7. Files and documents
  8. Assignments
  9. Portfolio
  11. Content Syndication
  12. Podcasting
  13. Web Publishing
  14. Single Sign-in


23 Collaber

Collaber is a virtual office setup and collaboration software for your team that allows you to share files, events, tasks, and manage your projects.

This collaboration software built on Eclipse Software RCP and offered tools like Address Book, Backup Tool, Calendar, Chat and Discussion tool, Database, File Tool, Tasks, Notepad, Picture, Polls, Shared Folder, Wiki and Web Links Tool, etc.. – Collaber

24 Collanos Workplace

Collanos Workplace is a multiplatform, serverless, single, rich client P2P collaboration software specially designed for small to medium-sized companies. – Collanos Workplace

25 Contactizer Pro

Contactizer Pro is an easy to use, all in one solution for manage, share and organize your personal and business activities like contacts, tasks and events for Mac OS X. – Contactizer Pro

26 Creately

Creately is a cloud-based diagramming and collaboration software that allows you to create Flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, database diagrams, UML, and many more diagrams.

it’s a perfect visual collaboration and diagramming tool for the designer, developer, project manager, and Business Analyst. – creately

27 Debategraph

Debategraph is a debate visualization tool that helps you to visualize what your group thinks about complex topics by building and sharing dynamic, collaboratively editable, and rateable maps of subjects from multiple perspectives. – Debategraph

28 Editgrid

Editgrid is a free online spreadsheet that allows you to create and share spreadsheets online.

it also allows you and your colleagues to work together on the same spreadsheet in real-time like view and edit the spreadsheet collaboratively in real-time. – EditGrid

29 EMC Documentum eRoom

EMC Documentum eRoom is an online team collaboration software that allows distributed teams to work together more efficiently and improve productivity.

it’s a self-administered management tool that doesn’t require any IT support. user can easily manage their own team collaboration workspaces. – EMC Documentum eRoom

30 FMYI [for my innovation]

FMYI [for my innovation] is a private collaborative and social networking site where user can store their information and share them with their team.

it’s a collaboration software which provides a social networking site like user interface and user experience for small to large size teams. – FMYI [for my innovation]

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